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Love & Culture CoupleCast Ep 5, Breakdown

Love & Culture, a CoupleCast dropped ep 5…

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Defining moments in the culture for Hip-Hop, 2021 (so far…)

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G Herbo Is In Beast Mode! 2021 MVP Candidate?

From “drill” to real deal. G Herbo is may be underdog-turned-MVP in 2021…

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3 Superstar Singers With Proven Rap Potential

For a while now, singers have shown rap potential once in a blue…

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Celebrating Underrated Posse Cuts!!!

Posse cuts are an integral part of the rap music pantheon…

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Dave Chappelle, Yasiin Bey & Kweli New Podcast

Chapelle, Kweli, Bey…New Podcast, 1st look…

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An Exploration into the “Concept Album”

A revealing journey into the concept album in Rap…

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The Power Of The Interlude (Rap Albums)

Hip-Hop uses interludes like no other genre. Let’s see…

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3 Pivotal Hip-Hop “Musical Rebirths”

3 careers that have taken creative turns, for the better?…

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Hip-Hop’s Biggest Moments at the Oscars

Let’s explore Hip-Hop at The Oscars, historically…