22 Rhymes That Didn’t Age So Well…

In Hip-Hop, we say things. Current event bars littered mid-90’s mixtapes. Celebrity names are used, that later become more infamous than famous. Times change and the rhyme sounds tone deaf, given the new space we’ve entered. All of these things have and can happen.

G-HOLY has comprised a clip with 22 examples of just those blunders.

Some rhymes have actually aged like McDonald’s fries, depending on the perspective you take. Take Cam’ron on “Double Up“, suggesting he was with Jada Pinkett while she and Will Smith were an item. That aged well for Cam: Will, not so much.

The lead case here is Nas, who ferociously spat “Eminem murdered you on your own shit” on his Jay Z diss track, “Ether“. Recently on King’s Disease 2, he rapped alongside Eminem (and EPMD themselves) on “EPMD 2“. Here, Nasty can be seen clearly bring outclassed by Marshall.

See the full 7 minute clip below:


G-HOLY, 2021.