Redman is back making waves with his new freestyle series, J@q Boi Be@tz.

Picture From Redman Freestyle Over Jay-Z "What More Can I Say?" Instrumental

Redman is going around terrorizing rappers beats and it’s one of the more entertaining things you’ll see this year. Funk Doc has never been one to take lightly, lyrically. Every since EPMD‘s “Headbanger“, it’s been proven that going bar for bar with Reggie Noble can lead to a swift overtaking.

J@q Boi Be@tz sees Redman reminded the masses of who he is by going back to his roots. The series doesn’t seem to have too many moving parts. It’s kinda just Red rapping pre-recorded freestyle wherever he happens to be; a dock (no pun), his parent’s house, even Kid Capri‘s studio. Dope.

You can check the 3 best freestyle from the series, ranked by G-HOLY.COM, below:

Jay-Z Got J@q’d

Eminem Got J@q’d
This looks to be an original beat (prodicuced by Yaahn Hunter, Jr & @anapshokina



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