Rapper, Benny The Butcher has his albums ranked best to worst, by G-HOLY.COM.

The list includes classics like Tana Talk 3 & Tana Talk 4 and less-favored albums like Burden Of Proof & 1 On a 1. Watch below as we break down the Griselda Records/BSF boss’ career, thus far.

Tana Talk 3 • My First Brick • The Plugs I Met • Burden Of Proof • Pyrex Picasso • A Friend Of Ours • The Plugs I Met 2 • 1 on a 1

It must be noted: ONLY ALL ORIGINAL albums were included in this list. No collaboration albums were included (i.e ‘Stabbed & Shot‘ with 38 Spesh or ‘Statue of Limitations‘ with Smoke DZA). Albums had to have 7 total tracks, so no Pirex Picasso. No group albums (like WWCD with Benny The Butcher, Westside Gunn & Conway The Machine).


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