Bodeine dropped his album, Waterboy. Let’s review and see how it’s sounding:


With a syrupy flow reminiscent of mid-2000’s Texas emcees, Bodeine glides over his 8-track project, Waterboy.

Sunshine” samples Roy AyersEverybody Loves The Sunshine” in one of the most inventive ways possible. A progressive, modern-era drum pattern and faint mix bring this sonic masterpiece together. Bodeine rides the instrumental impeccably, words rolling from and to each other perfectly, adding the final layer to this easy-listening style production.


The intro, “Waterboy“, is a semi-introspective look into the life and mostly the mindset of the BAC Money founder (along with CEO 24). “No Hook” is a freestyle-esque ride with bars at its forefront. Its instrumental probably the darkest, most bass-y of all on ‘Waterboy’.

I ain’t average, good boy on bad sh*t“, Bodeine spits on Waterboy’s closer, “Ain’T Average“. This stands as the album’s most “single” like track due to its bouncy flow, production & hook. With a flow that resembles DaBaby‘s typical style, “Switchin on Me” goes over well at track 3. It’s actual beat switch mid-track brings an added layer as Bodeine utilizes a similar bounce as the first half, with a darker tone.


On the critical side, Waterboy can feel like elevator music at times. It’s an example of cohesiveness working against a project. Also, much like (early) J. Cole, Bodeine’s consistency in approach and style can induce a snore or two. His monotone vocals also don’t do much to help in this department.

Overall, Waterboy is a solid effort from the South Germany resident. It shows lyrical promise with hilarious lines like: “put my d*ck up in yo baby mama/Lil hoe started coughin‘”. Bodeine flat out knows his way around a song. His hooks aren’t repetitive, his beats fit his voice sonically and his presentation is on point. He should only elevate from here.


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