Today, we’re taking it to NY with datzRell45 new EP, Heard You….. How’s it sounding? Let’s see [review]:

datzrell45 Heard you.... EP review


From bar one, it’s clear datzRell45 is a look back at “better days” on Heard You…..

The brand of East Coast Rap has taken a beating over nearly the past two decades. From Houston’s 2005 dominance to Atlanta’s deep talent pool, now Memphis’ explosive re-entry. Roc Marciano and Griselda have made waves in the realm of Wu-Tang-esque production but that’s not what Heard You…. is: it’s the other East Coast.

This is where pain meets lyricism over soul, like on the title track’s chorus, where the Bronx, NY emcee spits: “Lord knows I feel this in my soul/I do it for the same streets that turned me cold/You would be horrified by the stories told“. These bars pretty much sum up who datzRell45 presents himself as; gritty, motivated & empathetic.


This theme continues on the proceeding cut, “Project Heat 2“. Essentially, a 3 minute 44 second rant to the world about the harsh living conditions in Highbridge Projects and the ghetto abroad. Not as much a chant for change as reflective moment.

“I ain’t worried bout reppin the block/My whole life I been a rep for the block/Just ask the rest of the block” – datzRell45 “Lessons Learned”

Heard You…. is littered with quoteables for the trenches like: “How they choose a side? I only got a side” from the intro, “Lessons Learned“.

The EP is top-heavy with the last two tracks, while not bad (especially the outro, “Amerie“), inadequately stacking up to it’s three chronological predecessors. Even production takes a dip. These lowlights are more an All-Star falling to a solid player than a pro demoted to the the G League.

Simply put: datzRell45 has it. Throughout Heard You…., he shows flashes of what could be Meek Mill, Fabolous and Beanie Sigel, all while maintaining his own identity. Creating his own space in the lineage of greats. Heard You!



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