Month: June 2021

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Review: Tyler, the Creator’s ‘Call Me If Y…’

Staff review, 1st listen of Tyler’s new Call Me If You Get Lost…

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#RD25 | Jay Z’s Reasonable Doubt Turns 25!

Jay Z’s Reasonable Doubt is 25!!! Here are some key factors in how it happened… #RD25

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What If: T-Pain Stayed A Rapper, Not A Singer?

Teddy Pender changed the game as we know it, but What If…

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Brockhampton’s Final Album: Core Fan Wishlist

Brockhampton will serve its final album, and we want…

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Is DMT Building Reality? Let’s Explore…

DMT may be a part of what makes us believe in this reality? Looks like it…

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Hip-Hop: Where To Now?

Hip-Hop has gone through many phases. Let’s explore the past to see if we can gain insight on its future…

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22 Songs That Perfectly Depict Their Creator’s

22 songs that summed up their creator’s within its bounds…

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PLAYLIST: Peyton’s “Summer Cookout Vibes”

The Grill is lit, the honey’s are out, the music is… Peyton had the aux…

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INTERVIEW: JK D Animator [Viral HH Creator] caught up with JK D Animator, and he said…

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The Official Mt. Rushmore, Rapper’s ’95 – 2000

Things heat up with the last half of the 90s…OFFICIAL!