Mustbekap Is Proving You’re NOT2FARBEHIND

We recently sat down with Mustbekap, ahead of his new project, NOT2FARBEHIND, to get into his mind about the process & how he came up. Let’s go:

Where Do You Hail From? I’m from Marietta, GA. Born in Youngstown, OH moved to Detroit, MI age of 3. Eventually, I landed in Marietta to start 4th grade. Graduated HS in 2015 immediately moved to Los Angeles, CA for 4yrs and then came back home.

How’d You Get Started? I got started just off a passion for music and creativity. Music always been my best friend before I knew I wanted to be a artist. I started by creating a record label for my friends to be apart of and I kinda just fell in line, being around the studio so much.

Who Are Some Of Your Biggest Influences? My biggest influences are Young Cooley, Skooly, Playboi Carti, Future and Young Thug.

Name Your Top Album Of All-Time? #1 album all-time? Tough. I like solid projects and there’s so many good ones. I respect the craft. 50 Cent Get Rich or Die Tryin’ definitely has a hold on me. Simpler times.

Any Dream Collabs With Producers? No dream producers, I’m ready to work with just about anybody. If it’s meant it’s meant. Right now i’m just rocking with my guys Zu and $TONE COLD BEATZ.

Describe Your Style… My style.. I’d say very laid back, professional and artsy. I know I’m more than an artist. I’m in full control of my whole process, unlike many artists who just focus on making music. I’m making clothes, directing my videos, creating my artwork and rollouts. I’m a jack of all trades. I get sh*t done, basically. Making this sh*t look super cool with the intention to inspire the people around me and eventually the world. My project, NOT2FARBEHIND, is a message to my fans to keep going! You don’t know how far or close you are to your dreams, so you just got to keep pushing and you’ll be right where you need to be.

Detail Your Come-Up… My come-up has been switching from a basketball player to a photographer and now a rapper. My come up is to keep trapping out my creativity and be fluent enough to do everything that it is I want to do. I have my record label (PDR) my clothing store (PDM) and my basketball league (MBA).
That’s the come-up: knowing that I’m blessed with tremendous amount of creativity and to put it out in the world to be reciprocated. I come from poverty and I’m still alive despite of it all. I don’t want to waste any more time.

How Far Did You Go In Ball? “I love to ball, I started a league” quote from tape, Mustbekap, Track 5, LOVEME4ME.

Basketball has been my true passion since I can remember. I use to play basketball on a crate or even a tree that was shaped like a hoop. I was varsity captain in high school, captain my 2 years at El Camino College in Torrance, CA. Led in FG% in the state of California my second year. I became eligible for the NBA draft in 2019. Most likely, I was going to go overseas.

At that same time I was emerging as a well known photographer in LA and Atlanta. I was on tour with Playboi Carti and dropped out of college. I hung up my basketball dreams to focus on my social life because basketball consumed all my free time. Playing my whole life, playing year-round got weary on my body, more so my lower back.

What’s Been Your Biggest Challenge? Biggest challenge for me is to stay consistent creatively while living and maintaining my personal life. My fiancée and daughter depend on me. I like to work on my weaknesses more than the stuff God already blessed me with. I’m here to stay, not a fly by night type of guy.

What’s Your Songmaking Process? Song-making process is all organic/pure. I’m selective about my beat selection and once I find my vibe within, I just freestyle and punch in. I let the song come to me; speak from the heart, so most of the time I don’t have a problem making songs. I do it and just keep going no matter what. I don’t get hung up on making the perfect song. It’ll come.

Any Shows In The Near Future? I’m still early and building my own world, but I do have a show this Saturday, December 3rd haha. Come out show me some love!

Legacy… What Legacy Do You Want To Leave? I want to motivate the entire world. I want to be the person somebody can look at and get inspired instantly. That’s all we doing this for.. To leave a legacy for millions of years to come.


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