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New G-HOLY “Fake Winners / Expensive Taste”

First G-HOLY Single of 2022, “Fake Winners/ Expensive Taste”…

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…Some 2022 Hip-Hop Predictions (Hmmm…)

Crystal Ball time for 2022 In Hip-Hop/Rap with G-HOLY.COM…

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Nas & Hit-Boy MAGIC LP + 60+ New Rap Releases

Nas drops out of the sky with Magic LP + 60 other releases…

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Gen Z’s collective voice + attention hoarding algorithms…

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80+ New Hip-Hop Releases 12-17-21 (LPs & Singles)

Brand new releases from Dr. Dre and Benny The Butcher…

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75+ New Hip-Hop Releases 12-10-21 (LPs & Singles)

New Releases For 12-10-21. Rick Ross, Russ, Mach-Hommy…

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Inverview: HipHopNumbers™️ Ben Carter Sits Down

Ben Carter of HipHopNumbers sat down with G-HOLY.COM…

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2022 Grammy’s Best Rap Album Nominees: Cool?

2022 Best Rap Album Grammy Nods… Did they get it right?

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22 Rhymes That Have Aged Like Whole Milk

All rhymes weren’t built to last. Let’s check in on a few….

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The REAL Making of The Black Album w/ Guru &..

Guru & Hip Hop give never-before-heard’s on The Black Album…