Baton Rouge has an underrated Hip-Hop scene, historically. As is the case with most Southern cities. A closer look will show you the small city is actually trending upward, from Boosie‘s omniscience to NBA Youngboy‘s current status as the 2nd most streamed rapper in 2022 (behind Drake).

Enter Big Head Da DomeDoctor: Not such a new artist, as a resurging one. His next step in planting his neo-roots is his upcoming project, Mud Pressure, due to release July 4. Since we’re G-HOLY.COM however, we got the exclusive first-listen! Here’s our track-by-track take:


1. Poor Boy To Hot Boy

Mud Pressure starts perfectly, with “Poor Boy To Hot Boy“; an introduction into the world of Big Head, how he got here and what he’s about. Lil 627 Made Da Beat & Shop With Ken (who produced 6 of the 7 tracks as a tandem) provide an exceptional soundtrack to BHDDD‘s grimey street tales. The word “nostalgic” comes to mind: It’s clear that our main character is from a different generation and cloth.

I really lived in a shelter, extreme savage

2. Real Is My Religion

Equipped with a broken down beat + sample chorus compilation, this is exactly what it looks like on paper. Street gospel. Big Head even uses “Thou shall” as a refrain in the first verse. He goes on to briefly mention his failed dealings with Trill Entertainment, stating he was “used for his skills”. Being the most palatable, sayable and well-produced song of the 7, we shouldn’t be surprised if it leads Mud Pressure’s rollout.

Real Lives Matter

3. War Games

War Games” is a triumphant, almost literal war cry. A soundtrack for action in Baton Rouge. Production is Mannie Fresh reminiscent; great for such content. This is an audio safari rude through the trenches of BR, in the safest way you’d ever want to experience it.

No hydraulics but the whole car full of switches

4. Vroom

Here you’ll find Da Dome Doctor’s only clear attempt at a single. The objective is clear but execution is spotty. The hook is a bit too repetitive when combined with the low bpm instrumental (great guitar riffs, however). “Vroom” may have more burn on Tik Tok than radio & nightclubs. A great 2nd verse feature could’ve possibly brought it to the next level. Also, it’s the only song on MP to actually sound more dated than retro. If we heard this cut was literally made in 2007, it would make all the sense.

5. Jiggasaurus

Easily the least desireable production here. Some sort of (annoying) warped synth sound leads the melody that sounds like a video game glitching. Which is a drag because “Jiggassaurus” features this projects best comeback, “Oh lordy, lordy/It’s retared-tarded“. We’re talking Lil Wayne‘s “drop it like it’s hot” level! In a bizarre yet hilarious twist, the song’s outro is dedicated to Tracey Ellis Ross (just go listen).

6. Take It

What would a rap project be without “one for the ladies”? “Take It” suffers some of the same setbacks as “Vroom”, except far less dramatic.  Kim McCoy adds next to nothing to this track: Her energy doesn’t match up to Big Head’s, which wouldn’t be an issue if it wasn’t set up to. Da Dome Doctor’s verse’s flow is as in-pocket and tight as you’ll ever find.

7. No More Gunplay

Finally lady Kim McCoy shines! All she had to do was sing. Her voice on the chorus provides a pronounced contrast to BHDDD’s scruffy, rough tone. More street gospel. Mod Productions adds some lighthearted elements that compliment the Ice CubeToday Was A Good Day” vibe of this tune. This track is as uplifting as it gutter. Yes, the ghetto has fun days… and hope. (Peep the piano intro’s emding is eerily similar to Ashanti’s “The Way That I Love You”)

Hopefully, we can do this every Sunday

I don’t know if Big Head knows this, but when he’s focused on telling his story and not worrying about his audience having a good time, he’s dangerous. His solid bars combine with his steadfast delivery to make a monster of a Southern rap figure.

Mud Pressure is a good piece for the reintroduction of Big Head Da DomeDoctor’s. At this pace, with consistency, he’ll be right where he needs to be.



G-HOLY.COM, 2022.