Another day, Another VERZUZ giving life to Hip-Hop. Swizz and Timbo are creating cultural moments never to forget…NOW:

The scorecards obviously went out of the window after a while. I actually went through to the end with mine, but had it straight down the middle, 10-10.

Can we be real for a second? Do you know REDMAN‘s CATALOG? Do you know METHOD MAN‘S CATALOG? They both left TONS of music on the table, as DJ Scratch threw together the entire set list. Here are 5 Big Ones from each of them:


1. Beasts From The East w/ Canibus, A+, Mr. Cheeks

This is one of Red’s best lyrical performances ever. Sure, Canibus steals the show, but when doesn’t he?

2. Sooperman Lover

Yeah, he played part 3, but what about the ORIGINAL?

3. One Shot Deal w/ Beanie Sigel

Once again, one of his best lyrical performances, going toe to toe with The Broad Street Bully.

4. How Deep Is Your Love? w/ Dru Hill

He said he didn’t have any “chick joints” but here he is on the remix to one of the top 90’s R&B group’s smash hit. It’s not the popular version but…f*ck it.

5. Rapper’s Delight w/ Keith Murray & Erick Sermon

The first single from the Def Squad, El Nino album. A remake of the original. This would’ve gotten the party STARTED.

Overall, Redman didn’t do a bad job. Not much to be left on the table, but METHOD MAN is ANOTHER STORY:

Method Man

1. Anything w/ SWV, ODB, U-God

Cmon METH. With the “S, s, double, w, to the V”. This is one of Tical’s most iconic moments, ever.

2. Meth Vs Chef w/ Raekwon

Maybe Rae couldn’t make it, but that Hit Squad moment perdorming “Headbanger” would’ve been squandered had him and Chef gone to battle. Meth VERZUZ Che…forget about it.

3. C.R.E.A.M w/ Inspectah Deck, Raekwon

Don’t you dare tell me he just did the hook. This is a top 5 hook of all-time, and the most notable part of the song, by far.

4. Ice Cream w/ Raekwon, Ghostface Killah


5. Judgement Day

Fam, how do you totally just not do your first single from your second album, when you only have two albums that we all know? I just felt it was a miss.

Johnnie Blaze missed a few cultural impact moments. The REAL moments that Method Man who he is to us, today. Slightly disappointed that such a serious MC would let a DJ choose his set list. It could have at least been RZA.

THEY Both left Out:

1. Symphony 2000 w/ EPMD, Lady Luck

Classic Def Jam 2000 posse cut.

2. Rap Phenomenon w/ The Notorious B.I.G

Posthumous, but still dope.

3. Part II (How High)

Dope ass Toni Braxton sample. Dope ass verses. Most importantly, a VERZUZ type of vibe.

G-HOLY does a Method Man VERZUZ Redman “day after” Recap Below:


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