OT The Real “Kensington Beach” W/ Beanie Sigel

Philly native ‘OT The Real‘ drops a new music video “Kensington Beach” featuring Beanie Sigel. The Gene-directed dark visual depicts life and lifestyle in Philadelphia’s Kensington section. ‘OT’ and Sigel can be seen looking comfortable sitting in beach chairs supporting the idea that this is everyday life in the rough town. The video is equipped with real-life feins nodding off, filthy streets, needles and assumed drug dealers.

‘OT’ has been on the come up, blazing Philly streets with for a few years now. His resume includes a Funk Flex Freestyle (#152), an appearance on Bars On I-95 and Shade 45’s Sirius Cypher (28) with fellow ‘Brotherly Love’ representer Bugsy. In 2020, the “I Remember” rapper found himself in a lyrical war with Philly’s own, Quilly, when OT dropped “Dick Chaser” aimed at ‘Quil’. Quilly kind-of responded with a jab in what’s marketed as a “Meek Mill diss”, the “We Paid” freestyle turned single, “Top Carrier“. OT The Real would end the battle off going on a 5:40 tirade with a barrage of bars on “Notorious“.

Beanie Sigel was recently featured on 38 Spesh‘s TRUST COMES FIRST artist, Black Geez single and video titled “Re Up“.

On “Kensington Beach”, ‘Mac’ spits “Only deal with cash, no crypto/We don’t gangland, but if you snitch though/The whole gang get em’, out for Blood like a Crip, though“. Beans ends with “The Broad Street bully, and the Irishman/Just another day on the beach, capiche, aight then“. ‘OT’ kicks it off, rapping:

“They don’t gotta like me, I ain’t here for that” then goes on to say “I’m where the demons dwell, my .38 won’t leave a shell/Keep it real, a lot of y’all was hoping that OT would fail/They feel my words like they reading brail/There’s a dope fein dead under the train, between the rails”.

Check Out OT The Real featuring Beanie Sigel “Kensington Beach” below:

“KENSINGTON BEACH” COMES OFF OT’s NEW “EVIL EMPIRE” ALBUM FEATURING Beanie Sigel, Styles P and Saigon. Peep The Tracklist Below:




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3 thoughts on “OT The Real “Kensington Beach” W/ Beanie Sigel

  1. People probably think this track was anothet run-of-the-mill exaggeration by rappers about “whoever s hometown” but I SWEAR on everything I love that they couldn’t have painted a better picture of what a slow day in the 24th is like. In fact, they gave cities that
    claim they’re the truth a pass on that jawn. Let the lames from anywhere and everywhere think they the hardest in America, but OT, Beans, and ppl in the 24th know whats really poppin’. Not to mention the beat is straight fire, OT is the hottest out right now imo, and Beanie IS sp. Put this on the radio already you fake asss stations and let these dudes outta state know what it is. Fuck sharia law governed parts out the middle east, fuck ISIS, their public beheadings and all that dumb shit, send those pussies down k & a and see how long they last in the 24th lolol.

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