Today, we caught up with Yasin Toure: rapper, filmmaker & creator of Soulful VeganEats. For this interview, we got into her reasoning for starting her vegan meal plan company and a bit of her background as a foodie. Let’s go:


I know that you are a rapper, a filmmaker and a poet. But tell me about your new business, Soulful VeganEats?

“Soulful VeganEats” is centered around plant-based meal plans for our aging population. Designed specifically for customers who have restricted diets due to illness and wish to transition into plant based foods. Curated to naturally aid and reverse food-related diseases without sacrificing taste. Using Caribbean & Southern Soul Food recipes that are alkaline, 100% plant-based, delicious and healthy. The meal plans come with its recipes, an affordable grocery list, “how to eat to live” guide, vegan budgeting tips as well as juicing and medicinal herb recipes. The step-by-step easy instruction saves time with affordability in mind. After ordering customers receive their full package as an instant download readable on all devices. No shipping and no waiting.

Wow, what made you decide to do this? It sounds like a lot of people could benefit from this?

African Americans including others who are all within the African diaspora are dying of food-related diseases such as: Type 2 diabetes, high-cholesterol, high-blood pressure, heart disease, heart attacks and even many cancers more than any group of people in the world. We are people of beautiful traditions and that includes food. Yet, sadly what we call traditional soul food is killing us. By the time we go to the doctor and are treated (many have state or no health care insurance) this subscribed medication doesn’t even work. Those on the medication wish to naturally get off the medication and yet they have no direction or help to change their lifestyle. Many are left hopeless, overwhelmed, and afraid while still on a medication that is full of awful side-effects which could lead to even more medications. Because, even after trying to shop healthy, and forcing themselves to eat salad after salad, the cravings kick in. So, you really understood a need in the marketplace and wanted to help our community.


Can you tell me more?

Well, honestly, a lot of vegan options are boring, tasteless and due to still being fried, acidic and sweetened with artificial substitutes that aren’t actually healthy. And this is especially true for those who already have current health issues. Even many online recipes are too complicated, require technique and expensive equipment. And when many buy vegan items they don’t know how it can be sustainable with the high-cost of organic items, vegan restaurants and ready-made food in grocery aisles. The data is there on how eating plant based aids our food-related diseases. The simplicity, the cost efficiency, and easy to follow delicious menu plans are missing in our communities.

What do you want people to know about your vegan meal plan, Soulful VeganEats the most?

Weare the only vegan meal plan company in the world that is affordable for all budgets, easy to follow with 30 minutes or less recipes and fully Caribbean/Southern soul food. Not to mention the diverse meal plans are specifically designed and curated. For example our 28 Day Meal plan for Type 2 Diabetes aids to stabilize blood sugar, has low-glycemic recipes, and uses herbs and juices to deal with the symptoms most diabetics will experience. Our Slow Cooker Meal Plan for those on Chemotherapy aids to lessen side-effects of medication, dry mouth, nausea, constipation, is high-fiber and high-protein.

Outside of being a really dope rapper and filmmaker can you share more about your background?


I am a vegan chef, with my prior experience in alternative health and nature medicine which began at Dr.Wyatt’s University Herbs in Philadelphia. I have been vegan for 16 years and am amomof3vegan kids. I created Soulful VeganEats after my mother was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and my best-friend found out she had breast cancer. I have also studied at the Art Institute of Philadelphia in Merchandising & Marketing. My career experience also includes managing a web site which included running ads, copy-writing, and running social media campaigns.

What about your personal experiences growing up? I imagine that influenced you as well?

Growing up in a traditional household, I have always loved the bold and vibrant flavors of our cuisine. However, as I became more aware of the health consequences of a meat-heavy diet, I knew I had to make a change. That’s when I turned to the power of plant-based eating. But as I began my journey, I realized how overwhelming it can be to make the switch. That’s why I started my vegan meal planning company, to help others navigate the transition with ease. My inspiration came from two powerful women in my life- my mother, who was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and my best friend, who was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Both faced the daunting task of changing their eating habits to improve their health, but they didn’t know where to start. Is that when you stepped in? To do something about it?

Yes, that’s where I stepped in with my vegan meal plan, grocery list, and recipes, providing them with the tools they needed to heal their bodies and minds. But my brand is about more than just health. It’s about celebrating our culture and traditions, while also promoting a sustainable and compassionate way of living. I believe that everyone should have access to healthy, delicious, and affordable food, regardless of their background or circumstances. So, ifyou’re looking to break free from unhealthy eating habits and take control of your health, I’m here to help. Let’s embark on this journey together, and I promise to make it fun, flavorful, and most importantly, fulfilling.

Thank you Yasin, where can they purchase these meal plans and learn more?

To learn more and order your 28 day meal plan we’re at, also visit us on Instagram: Soulful_VeganEats and TikTok: soulfulveganeats Plus, we also have content on our at YouTube: SoulfulVeganEats.


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