Yasin Toure recently dropped off her first rap effort to date, the EP, P.U.M.A.

1. “Jazz Rap”, as it’s been described, is an underserved community.

P.U.M.A is not really Jazz rap. It’s more like a rap battle at a poetry slam over Jazz-inspired instrumentals. Like marble floors, the EP is just as hard as it is smooth.

2. HipHopNumbers said it’s fire, in their review.

3. Senegal, Africa has a potential superstar.

In the same vein as The Fugees, Yasin’s roots shine through her musical choices & vibe. “The Preface” is downright tribal in its approach.

4. It’s genre-bending.

Poetry. Hardcore. Boom bap. Jazzy. Battle-ready. All of these zones, made to be seperate, coincide on P.U.M.A like one big family at Sunday dinner. This 7-course meal is also nutrient dense, in the form of meaningful lyrics.

5. It’s the perfect length.

As we mentioned above, at 7 tracks total, it’s ideal for listener’s today. Especially for those not as familiar, 14:00 runtime is very much tolerable. You’ll listen the whole way through.

6. One of the best listens in 2022, so far.

With some big names dropping the ball, and some others not dropping at all, there’s room for new AOTY contenders. Yasin Toure and a few others like Denzel Curry, Vince Staples and SABA are noticeably taking the musical torch.



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