Trap has an interesting history. There is, of course, the actual trap. The Southern hood landmarks that distribute a variety of “things”.

Then there is the “trap sound”. Originally, the soundtrack to said activities. Eventually this would transform into a sonic definition, more so than content, leaving trap to become a blanket word to describe all newcomers at the time.

With his new single, “Trap”, M.E.S Trap has traveled back to the roots of it all. The tradition pioneered by T.I., Jeezy & Gucci Mane in the mid-2000’s.

We don’t bring no ho*s in the trap

Down-tempo, haunting production, repetitious callback and braggadocio in tow, M.E.S Trap has all the traditional bells and whistles. Carry it well, he does, adding his own flavor to the formula in the form of a rapid-fire flow and slick punches. Blink and you’ll miss it.

She think sh*t sweet cause she actin’ like candy to me/You can’t get this bag now or later“, M.E.S spits mid-way through the first 16 bars, showing genuine signs of putting a premium on wordplay.

Check out M.E.S Trap, “Trap” below:


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