M.E.S Trap is back with “Dying Flowers”

M.E.S Trap dropped his latest single, Dying Flowers.


Last time we saw M.E.S Trap, he was adding on to tradition with his 2022 single, “Trap“. This time he’s starting a new one with “Dying Flowers“.

With production built for the club & a flow made for reps in the gym, the single serves as an anthem for growing apart.


Oddly enough, the track is equal parts “feel good” & “emo”. A dark-ish beat, melodic approach and an upbeat perspective in a 3:13 recipe.

The mix makes for an interesting ride. The refrain, “all these dying flowers” pretty much sums up the concept while adding a visual rep of the sentiment conveyed.

Check out M.E.S Trap “Dying Flowers” below:


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