Archangel (Tarrance Brown), Skonie and producer, Tristan Oliver, make a dynamic trio.

Production value runs high on “Windows“, top to bottom. The airy mix, crisp drums and tropical-like melodies all compliment Skonie’s distinguished vocals.

Archangel tags in and his cadence alone, brings the track to another level.

In the simplest of ways, he lyrically breaks down his dilemma: stuck between two equally ranked incredible women, who compliment each other (from his perspective) but don’t like to share.

Oddly enough, he sounds like the heartbroken party in the equation. The mere thought of losing either is tormenting Archangel’s conscience.

What is a man to do, when I f*ck with both of you?

Hopefully, we’ll see a conclusion to this love triangle saga at a later date. Until then, he’s “Still feeling like a creep though/While jamming this TLC slow“. Pray for our guys.



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