A one-hour jam session style introduction. A video phone call from the mayor of Atlanta. A stage set for 2 kings. The world watching. This is EASILY the most anticipated ‘Verzuz’. Initially a T.I. Vs Jeezy event. T.I., who is now being called out by Rick Ross, bowed out when Jizzle made a call to have Gucci Mane come through. Big move. This is the Super Bowl of this street sh!t.

So many events have been set off from the ‘Young’ and ‘Guwop’ beef. So many rappers have modeled themselves behind the way Wop carried himself in their beef. Were Revolt and Apple aware of what they were backing and promoting?

Even with the FOI (Fruit of Islam) holding down security measures, there were points in this battle where all 5.5 million people watching thought it would end in violence. The tension was clear and abundant. How would we get through this night?

We did. Gucci Mane performed the infamous “Truth” and Jeezy handle it like a grown man. Even using that moment to turn the tables in his favor. We can’t say it went off without a hitch, but it went through.

All that being said, G-HOLY has declared a winner and has a further breakdown of the in his YouTube video below:

Watch The Full Jeezy Verzuz Gucci Mane Event At The One And Only “Magic City” Via The Revolt YouTube Page:

Go Listen To Jeezy’s New Album “The Recession 2” Album Via Spotify Below: