T.I. – Ain’t About The Money (featuring Young Thug)

The track sees TIP & Young Thug telling us how lazy they can be, if they aren’t being directly compensated.

REEEEMIIIIIX (Featuring Jeezy, Lil Wayne & Young Thug (Again))

These new verses body the old ones. These boys came to RAP! Jeezy sets is off in typical Jeezy Remix fashion. Thug and T.I. possibly have better chemistry here than the original. Lil Wayne comes through with a stellar verse, at a time when we may have been doubting if he still could. Oh sh!t. Wayne & Thug are on a track. I know it’s not the 1st time, but definitely the best. The Remix wins. One of the greatest ever.


A Tribe Called Quest- Scenario (featuring Leaders Of The New School)

The very last song on the perfect Hip-Hop album, ATCQ’s Low End Theory. This is a body bag, with Phife setting it off and Busta Rhymes blowing the LID off.

REEEEMIIIIIX (Featuring Leaders Of The New School & MC Hood)

The production war this sets off in your mind will never end. Is this beat better than the original? Whatever your preference, the instrumental AND lyrics are notably harder and more gritty/grimey. Maybe it’s the way MC Hood set it off, with 90% gun bars and tough talk. This is a stark contrast from the original. Compared to part one, the emcees appearing here mailed their verses in. Phife had a few lines but, this is here mostly because of Hood and the beat. The original edges this. Long Live MC Hood & Phife Diggy.


Jay Z Money, Cash, Hoes (featuring DMX)

Jay Z and DMX in 1998. This was a clash of the titans. Jay goes in for 2 verses, and DMX closes it out, reminding us that his chemistry with Swizz Beats is better than anyone’s.

REEEEMIIIIIX (Featuring Beanie Sigel & Memphis Bleek)

Actually titled “More Money, More Cash, More Hoes”, this is the “crew-mix”. Jay touches down with more of the same, for the most part, but Memphis Bleek is another story. “For 1, I pack three 9’s like the year”. Nuff said. Beanie is even more impressive, while putting on for Philly “P-H-I-LLY, North, West, Southwest, South side”. This is a whole different feel from the X version, but which one is truly better? I guess it depends on who you prefer to rock with Jay (pun intended).


DMX – Ruff Ryders Anthem

DMX has told the story of how he didn’t want to do this track, and it sounds like it. These rhymes, though great, are as elementary as it comes. The energy, however, is unmatched. Classic.

REEEEMIIIIIX (Featuring The LOX, Eve, Drag-On)

The much lesser known remix is actually a DJ Clue record for his platinum-selling debut album, The Professional. This is one of the rare Ruff Ryders cuts where everybody shines equally. The Dog may possibly have the least memorable verse here. Rare. Jadakiss sounds the best over the production, and Eve shows she’s a true star. I prefer this one, for sure.


Lil Kim – Not Tonight

A cunnilingus anthem. You don’t have to Google that. I’ll tell you. Lil’ Kim wants head…tonight. No sex.

REEEEMIIIIIX (Featuring Missy Elliott, Da Brat, Left Eye, Angie Martinez)

Totally different production. This is a celebration of womanhood and femininity like we’ve never seen before, nor again. Angie Mar was going through her rap phase. It’s hilarious, in retrospect. Missy has a verse that’s not a verse, it’s hard to explain. Overall, everybody did their thing. Which do I prefer? What mood am I in?


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