Rap legend Beanie Sigel alongside Philly staples Quilly and Young Chris have joined forces with Mike Knox & Foreign Boy Osama to form new group, ‘Backblock Boyz‘. The group dropped their first single, “Stash”, with its music video directed by Rahi Raval, promising an album at the visuals end. No word on a date for the project (as this article is being written). The song features short verses from all five rappers, ending with a sing-along chorus pertaining to the “Stash”.


In the videos opening credits reads “G-Unit Presents“. Mike Knox is a well known G-Unit affiliate, who when released from prison in 2019, was visited at his home by 50 Cent himself.

Young Chris was recently spotted with with up-and-coming Philadelphia rappers Ohdatsrida and Leaf Ward in the studio. A clip shows them in-studio reciting their verses to a freshly laid track.

Beanie Sigel has been on a tear, featuring in 38 Spesh‘s TCF artist Black Geez “Re-Up” song and music video. Most recently appearing in the new OT The Real track and visual for “Kensington Beach“. The gritty video depicts life in well-documented ultra-impoverished Philly area, Kensington.

Quilly’s most notable moments in the recent past have come from trolling Meek Mill online. Their beef goes back over a decade, and continues as Quilly (formerly ‘Quilly Millz’) mocks Mill’s every move via his Instagram Live. Also in 2020, going toe to toe OT The Real, the two traded bars with ‘OT’ dishing out most of them. Quilly’s video for “Cha Cha” dropped a late last year.

Foreign Boy Osama has been featured on fellow BackBlock Boyz cohart Quilly’s “Like That” and “Braggin’ Rights“.

We’ve seen Mike Knox with ‘G-Unit Philly‘, Quilly in Joey Jihad‘s ‘Go Gettas’ crew, Beanie Sigel’s State Property with Young Chris, and now you can watch them perform together as ‘Backblock Boyz’ below: