Philly rap staple, D. Jones, checked-in with G-HOLY for our first ever live interview here, on G-HOLY.COM.

In it, he details how he and Jadakiss joined forces, making a living from merch, his status in Philadelphia Hip-Hop history, and his relationship with Dave East.

He also speaks on crazy touring stories overseas, opening for Redman and Method Man & more…

Check out the full 1 hour, 20 minute interview below:

TimeStamps below:

2:45 DipSet LOX

6:23 Pressure from Jadakiss?

8:24 Veteran Freshman?

10:24 Scariest Moment In Studio

13:48 Where does D. Jones rank in Philly?

19:35 Top 3 Philly Spots To Eat

24:07 What’s a Lifer?

27:10 Getting In The Bud Game?

30:00 Merch keys to success

34:03 Platinum or Classic?

38:44 Funk Flex Freestyle

40:37 Festival Crowds

42:09 Making of WOOH

45:22 Biggest Music Lessons

49:46 Prime City Vs G-HOLY

53:28 First Time Meeting Jadakiss

56:00 Dave East Relationship

58:53 Why Freeway Wasn’t On Pre-Roll

103:49 Accidentally Meeting DJ Scoob Doo

107:41 Philly Rap Created Battle Rap Scene

1:10:43 G-HOLY History Lesson…

1:13:09 EP With Dave East?

1:17:26 D. Jones Message To The Fans

G-HOLY.COM, 2022.