A lyrical war (that hopefully stays that way) has broken out in the “City Of Brotherly Love“. One of Philadelphia‘s brightest emerging talents, OT The Real faces up against older fan favorite, Santos.

We previously covered OT’s single with Beanie Sigel “Kensington Beach“, and subsequently his beef with erratic Philly staple, Quilly.

This quarrel is equally hilarious as bar heavy. A good rap war always ignites a spark in the city, if not a flame. Let’s hope this continues in a positive way, bring more eyes to everyone involved. Ase’.

Below is a timelines of the madeness:

So, apparently OT The Real declared himself the best rapper in the city (haven’t come across footage of this) of Illadel. An historically controversial move; Everytime someone has done this, the end result it the city converging on said artist.

So first up was “DVD EraKaboom. He posted to his IG saying he “heard” that OT was saying he’s bodied 2 “DVD rapper’s” already. Those rapper’s are said to be the aforementioned Quilly, and YouTube legend turned battle rap underdog, Reed Dollaz. Kaboom announced that he was throwing his hat in the ring.

Santos jumped in front of ‘Boom, taking to is Instagram stories to pretty much drop the same sentiment. Only, it seemed more personal…

Then OT The Real dropped a freestyle that felt harmless enough. He didn’t mention anyone rap related. Only thing that COULD have been taken as a diss is “Please don’t compare them to me/I really live this“.

Then Santos jumped off the porch


ALL of the “OT” Flips.

OT took the invitation. He also teased a few of the other names who had an issue…


I ain’t say battle, I said get ya batallion/And watch Tos (toes) get shot, like Megan The Stallion


What other unsigned Philly artist on Flex you seen?” … QUILLY.

Cherry Eyed Tos came right back…


I got a hot 9, and a 7, so I ain’t gotta Flex


This like Ma$e Vs Cam’ron/This a landslide” – Not really cap, just inaccurate. Polls were split pretty much 50/50 in that battle.


Only reason you made it further is cause Meek (Mill) blocked my deal” – WOW.

OT had enough!!! He said on his Instagram post previewing the song that this would be his last diss. He also sampled Southside Ju‘s Instagram post speaking on the 1st rounds…


When you rap about the streets, not a word is true/Cause every single time we’d meet, I was serving you

Santos HAD to “Spin The Block“. I don’t know if homie was actually in town or not, but Tos was lookin…


Break Elvis neck wit’ bare hands, I’m really snappin‘”

That looks to be the end of the battle. It’s doubtful that OT The Real will come through with another round. Santos thinks this is a mirror match with his son. OT thinks that Santos blew his chance and is in LA hiding from beef, and mad at the way his career tanked.

Just for kicks, you can find Kaboom and Philly rap veteran Shelliano’s “OT Diss Tracks” diss tracks below:



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