If Nipsey Hussle, Drake & Kyle somehow fused, the sum would equal Official.

Therapy, his new LP (dropping July 26), is an introspective ride through the mind of the artist who penned it.

Talks of good-nature and higher vibrations prevailing litter the 13-track album.

Interludes including words from a “therapist” add a layer of story and a level a theme that makes the songs feel like the real in-betweens. On “Focus On My Voice“, said therapist commands Official to just “think about nothing“, leading up to “Good Energy“. These transitions make the audio experience more film-like.

My success ain’t your cryptonite” he spits on “Heaven or Hell“, as he spins through tales of others having a flawed mindset. Those who are “waiting for the bus in a Gucci belt“. It’s the balance between preachy and real he teeters so well.

The only real knock is that after over a dozen tracks set around inner-work, you kind of walk away still not knowing Official all that well. A bit more layered than current Drake knock-off, Jack Harlow‘s Come Home The Kids Miss You; still layers to go. At times, his influences are too apparent. The rhymes jump back and forth between being focused on their creator and the narrative he’s spinning, but sometimes fall to distortion in transition.

This doesn’t take away from Official’s lyrical ability. He’s solid throughout. Rhymes like “I ain’t playing games, I ain’t simulatin’/ Man, I’m demonstratin‘” on the outro “Yours Truly” are witty enough to keep the listener engaged, even on cuts where production feels semi-finished. A stylistic choice, most likely. It’s clear Official wants you to hear his voice above all.

Therapy is a sharp break from the current ruling sub-genre and a stellar body of work from a promising emcee. It’s Official.


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