The mixtape is a lost art in 2022, but Dj Puhbarrio provides the vibes as Kunte Kente gives you his Perspective.


DJ Puhbarrio’s blends are so seemless, it’s hard to tell when the songs fully transition, in a good way. It’s been a while since a DJ has played such a big role in the actual quality of a tape.

Kente has plenty of upside and aways to fulfilling it. His own passion dwarfs his execution. Our main character could greatly benefit from an executive producer and a curating confidant.

The Gary, Indiana born emcee is best on tracks like “What Would You Do?“; a definite standout reminiscent of a gritty version of the City High song of the same title. “What would you do if ya man laying dead before you/Would you run up, would you grab your gun and bust too” Kunte spits over ultra-mellow production.

Christian” is a tear-jerking experience put to paper about the loss of Kente’s own child. The production’s somber-mood enducing guitar riffs marry the rapper’s trying-to-stay-positive outlook. The storytelling here, is akin to Lost BoyzRenee“.

Per the course with underground independent projects, feature verses only add runtime.

At 11 tracks, with top-tier blends, it feels almost as short as an EP. In 2022, that’s an excellent characteristic. Like a great sprinter, it gets stronger down the stretch.

What’s refreshing about Perspective is the feel-good nature of the beats, as well a the emcee. With the current climate of Drill, big money and over-sexualization, it’s as good a moment as any to inject a beats-n-rhymes approach into the . Sounds old-school, but that’s all Perspective.


G-HOLY.COM, 2022.