YJRB, fresh off ‘Welcome To The Corner‘, spins the block with another full-length LP, The Black Album.

In contrast to WTTC, TBA is riddled with big energy and soul samples. YJRB collects one of the year’s best soundscapes. Every track is its own flavor, but hits almost equally.

Dove of The East” would have Drake salivating for the a feature, between its BPM and melodic backdrop. It also features the album’s best hook and least laid-back flow. YJRB goes from gangster to conscious, slow to triple flow, all in one track.

A traditional 2022 street banger, “Exotic” features stellar verses from Vic Rippa & HollyHood Tay. “Reminisce“, a “for the ladies” cut has The Black Album’s most commercially appealing sound. “Juggen” provides a straight-drill feel, with YJRB pinning opps to a wall over an heavily distorted instrumental in the vein of Ice Cube & Dr. Dre‘s “Natural Born Killers“.

Some critiques you may have on the album include lapse in flow, inconsistent delivery, some silly bars and possibly runtime but…

Smooth sailing sounds on “Black Suits” featuring Loso D. Truth provides some switch-up, while “Back To Earth” adds some human to YJRB. “I love my sister/But I know I can treat you better as a brother/Same goes ro my brother“: the Houston, Texas representer spits on the aforementioned track over a thick, drowned out soul singing background.


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