Lack of styles is not a problem for YJRB, who’s dropped 3 albums in as many months: Drunk Poetry ends the Houston rapper’s year off in an R&B fashion.


The most focused and cohesive of the 3-pack, Drunk Poetry sees YJRB in his feelings, crooning through 13 tracks in stride.

Things start off a bit upbeat, with “East (Intro)” where he sets the drunken tone right away. Wait. There it is. A way to describe YJRB’s stop-and-go-speed-it-up-slow-it-down-randomly style… drunk. If it was a snake, it would have bit us. Anyway…

Down” is a flat out hit record beat & hook combo. The flow stays drunk as he runs through : “I ain’t never really gon’ change/Still gon’ piss up in that Grammy when I get it/Still gon’ go deep up in that p*ssy when I hit it“. It’s like YJRB found a Blackberry in 2010.

Exactly what it sounds like, “Playa Anthem” chorus and production is Wiz Khalifa Kush & Orange Juice worthy. Though, it’s “Thumbilinaa” when you realize this album is different. It’s literally a trap-ballod: a sexy R&B vibe with low, spacey vocals. Truly the best mix on Drunk Poetry. Very pleasing to the ear.

Polar opposite, “How Do You Want It” featuring A.K Izzy is a great idea, but execution falls way short. It flips beat of 2Pac‘s “How Do U Want It” featuring K-Ci & Jojo, along with its chorus. It’s not even the star as much as the co-star, who brings this potential banger to a D-list track. Izzy’s singing is borderline bad, bland at best and in comparison to the original crooners, pales… bad.


Thankfully, Esther Denis picks things back up on the R&B vocal front on “All I Need“. These two have enough collaborations to make a long EP. The chemistry is hit or miss but when it hits, it hits. Things end off with “Who Can“, which samples Keith Sweat hit song “Nobody“, where YJRB professes he “suck[s] on toes and [on] suck on kitties“. Freaky tales. Too Short would be proud.

Overall, one can CONFIDENTLY say Drunk Poetry is YJRB’s best effort, between it, Welcome To The Corner and middle child, The Black Album. This just may be YJRB’s bag.


G-HOLY.COM, 2022