YJRB recently dropped a 13-track LP, Welcome To The Corner. The Houston, TX representative features Hollywood Tay, Loso D. Truth, A.K. Izzy, Esther Denis & Jehzan.

Production is an instant standout (no one in particular is credited). It ranges from the uptempo rush of “Welcome To The Corner” to the down tempo, menacing “Cold Out Here“. Ultra-dynamic, yet cohesive. Quite impressive.

Features are also a highlight. A cast of colorful characters litter this tracklist. All unique tones and textures. Great pieces to have. [Sidebar: Loso D. Truth and A.K. Izzy are actually signed to YJRB’s label.]

Our hero, YJRB, has a syrupy delivery and cadence that would demand a “who’s that?” in any rap setting. Picture a less dramatic Sauce Walka.

The paucity of quality wordplay, sometimes abysmal vocal rhythms and desultory songwriting (in spots) is a combination too grande to ignore.

There are a mariad of sliders YJRB could push north; if anything is an offset to technical shortcomings, it’s his heart and knack for anthemic records.

The 3-song run of “Mo Money Mo Problems“, “Bout It” and “Ain’t I” showcase just that. All anthems in their own right.

Lastly, polar opposite of most albums we’ve reviewed, this 13 song effort is actually bottom-heavy. YJRB starts talking to the ladies on the latter half, and the results are clear. He should visit that chamber as often as possible. LL Cool YJRB sounds ultra-comforable kicking game as Esther Denis and Jehzan come through with professional level rifts on “Miss My Love” and “Pull Up“, respectively.


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