Longtime Griselda “affiliate” El Camino just signed a deal with Benny The Butcher‘s BSF label.

Buffalo’s El Camino was once considered an official Griselda artist, releasing his first two projects under the brand. He even has merch designed by Westside Gunn for his 2018 Walking On Water album.

Gunn and El were rumored to have fallen out after an arrest of Camino (implied by El Camino himself in lyrics), but he continued to represent the collective as he set himself apart and made his own mark for the last 4 years.

He and Benny collaborated earlier last on the track “Immunity“, the intro and first single from the BSF x TCF (38 Spesh‘s label) joint crew album Trust The Soprano‘s.

El Camino also appears on now-classic Benny The Butcher records, including the fan favorite “INDIA“, the predecessor to “5 to 50” from Benny’s: The outro track from 2019’s The Plugs I Met.


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