GREGBLU dropped Greg’s Demo and we decided to give it a deeper look… or listen, rather.


We don’t usually preface music reviews but GREGBLU is special. There are a few things to get established: He’s a self-contained artist, who does everything from beats to artwork and of course, rapping. He’s from the U.S., now residing in Japan.

From here, we can tell you: no matter what you were looking for, you won’t find on Greg’s Demo.

The 7-track project isn’t bound by much. It doesn’t contain well thought out lyrics. GREG isn’t riding a theme. This “Demo” is just a series of synthesized sounds in divine order. Simply put, ultra-refreshing.


It’s clear from “SOBA (INTRO)” that GREGBLU may have a knack for grooves. Over an instant-goated bassline that sounds like it’s out of a racing game menu screen, he reminisces on a past situationship. Apparently, he’s just a playboy who tries, but fails, to be better.

The succeeding cut, “TYO NIGHTS” is where you know you’ve officially been taken. There’s no coming back. An instrumental track that’s somewhere between Tyler, The Creator and TLOP Kanye. Somehow, he finds soul in synth. Tons more than the aforementioned artists have.

GREGBLU“, the self-titled track, is the most dynamic from Greg’s Demo and shows the most potential. A gripping, hardcore delivery; brilliant melodic chorus and  a “pause” skit nearly mid-track. The beat is equipped with uptempo-ish Hip-Hop drums, ’93 West Coast elements and sounds nothing like what you thought of when you read that.


“I’m only getting better, so I don’t know what my limit is”

If you’re looking for what the comeback single for ScHoolboy Q should’ve been, see “KAREN“. SBQ should literally by the song from GREGBLU. “SHIBUYA FREESTYLE” mellows things out, going into the latter tracks. The least exciting beat with the least elements, but not by far. “DESIRE U” is right behind it, though it is a better song. It’s actually the most focused lyrics on GD.

Ending things off, is another instru-track, “MOTIONS (OUTRO)“. If a sunset to an epic day had a sound, it’d be this track.

So, what do we say? Overall, Greg’s Demo is an exciting through the mind of GREGBLU, who seems to be in his creative infancy. Which is why it’s scary. If Alternative Hip-Hop has a shot at going mainstream, it’s GREGBLU.


G-HOLY.COM, 2023.