Kheesoco da Don was Born in da District Raised n the Souf, but how’s it sounding?


America loves a gangster story. Nothing different here; in fact, it takes place in Macon, GA. Home of rap star, Jeezy. It’s believable, to say the least.

The title track (outro) features a triumphant instrumental and Kheesoco running through his morals and mindset. He also makes it clear that even though he’s “one of the hottest game“, he’s not “here for a record deal“.

Kheesoco da Don” is a stark contrast to the aforementioned track, in soundbed, flow & vibe. Seems Kheesoco, true to the title, is comfortable on both sides of the map. Upbeat, downbeat; same KDD.


On the clear frontrunner for a single, “Luxo Lounge Flow“, he details the good life over a luxurious beats. This listen is so surreal & vivid, it feels like you’re watching the video, already.

Features don’t hinder BIDDRITS, but they also don’t add much. The only exception is the “Intro“. Over a Rick Ross-esque soundtrack, Gator Gold and Kheesoco glide through their respective verses. “Cleaner than your Grandma kitchen on Christmas” KDD rhymes as one may try to think of a single thing more clean, to no avail.

Some tracks are either too generic or just flat out unnecessary. “Gangster Shtt” is one, with it’s repetitive hook and lack of creativity on an overdone theme. It’s too straight-down-the-middle. “Brand New Bag” can go in that category, for the same exact reason.

Possibly the brightest highlight, “Forever Love The Fam“. Despite questionable mixing, the feeling is reminiscent of DTP‘s 2002 single “Growing Pains (Do It Again)“. Kheesoco’s “16” comes equipped with references to classic Jordan’s, Rap City, distant cousins & L.A Gear. This is Kheesoco’s most visual verse on BIDDRITS.

All-in-all, Kheesoco is a middling lyricist with a middle-of-the-road delivery. What he lacks in pizzazz, he counters in curation; beat selection, consistency & direction. Born in da District Raised in the Souf is well-crafted and presented, if nothing else. It’s a good impact project for introduction.


G-HOLY.COM, 2023.