We (G-HOLY.COM) caught up to BMoneyBManifested to discuss everything Hip-Hop. Check it out below:


What city are you from?
I was born in Hayward, CA and raised immediately after in Vallejo, CA.

How did you get started?
Writing has always been my pride and joy; what started as relying on writing to escape myself quickly transformed into relying on writing to express myself.
I am a poet turned author turned rapper who is focused on the power of language; specifically the power of words in their full vibratory state as lyrics. I just want my sound to soothe souls.

Name your biggest influence…
THE MOST HIGH GOD is my source influence from which all other muses are revealed to me.

If you can, put your style in words…
I would describe my style as “smart rap.”
NOT because of the content and its supposed “DEPTH”..but rather, because of the ACCUMULATION of information that I attempt to disperse over the beats I choose. It is my aim to at least inform my listeners of information that they may have not previously been aware of.

Describe your “Come-Up” so far…
I have been rapping under my current stage name, BMoneyBManifested for the past 2 years approximately and overall the Come Up has been extremely rapid yet extremely humbling.
That is to say, by diving in head first into various subsets of the music industry with my amateur tracks, I have witnessed both a welcoming and rejection of my creativity at a rate never once experienced before under other stage names.
The unfiltered feedback is my biggest feast! From there, I can not only feed myself…but learn to feed others who “consume” me (my essence by way of my music).

What’s your biggest challenge as an artist?
The biggest challenge I’m facing as an artist currently is finding that happy balance between making money from music and making music for money. If it were up to me, the music industry would not be so monetarily focused and propagated…because how many streams I profit off of is not in my mind AT ALL as I get lost in my recordings…in fact I’m more concerned with the stream of emotions I will potentially invoke in all who bless me with their attention. Of course I understand the reality and the necessity of the financial self sufficiency that can come with profitable musical strategies…after all, if you sell yourself for free, you’re the product.

Describe your songmaking process…
Initially I’ll just play the beat over and over and over again…rapping silently in my head the most NONSENSICAL, ATROCIOUS “bars.”
Shortly after getting my flow down in my head to the beat, I will begin writing in my notepad on my phone. My biggest quirk during this process is that I MUST keep repeating the song after I write a few bars…I cannot just LET THE BEAT PLAY in its entirety as I write…I find it too distracting. So, I’ll write a bar, rewind the beat, rehearse the bar, and then move to the next one if I think it’s heat.

What legacy will you leave?
Any children I bear will be my tangible legacy…however energetically I will leave a legacy of leadership. The leadership of the lost to the everlasting.

Plug your new single/project…
My latest project is a 27 track mixtape entitled “ARTIFICIAL INABILITY.”
It is currently out on SoundCloud and YouTube; soon everywhere!



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