West Coast Rap savior, The Game gets his 12 albums ranked top to bottom, best to worst. Here they are in order:


1. Jesus Piece
2. The Documentary
3. 1992
4. O.K.E
5. Blood Moon: Year Of The Wolf
6. L.A.X
7. Doctor’s Advocate
8. Born 2 Rap
9. Drillmatic: Heart Vs Mind
10. Documentary 2
11. R.E.D
12. Documentary 2.5

The Game has been through many phases, tiers and generations in Hip-Hop. Last year’s Drillmatic and it’s rollout, saw Game still putting up pretty impressive numbers while maintaining his polarizing presence. The internet became The Game’s promotional playground.

Though people will argue The Documentary as Game’s crown jewel, Jesus Piece is his true masterpiece. 1992 is ultra-slept-on and O.K.E can also be considered a “mixtape” but who cares.

Watch the video below as rank The Game albums (discography), best to worse:




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