As Upstate, N.Y. gains popularity in Hip-Hop with well-established acts like: Westside Gunn, 38 Spesh and more, you can expect new crops to grow from those seeds planted. Pras Legion of Niagara Falls, N.Y. looks to be a potential candidate for “next up” as he drops his new EP, Doxy II. How’s it sounding? Let’s get into it (review):

Cover of EP being reviewed, Doxy II by Pras Legion

Doxy II is more Hardcore Hip-Hop than Gangster Rap. Dirty production litters the 6 song project, while aggressive, gritty rhymes run the bases.

The title track (and intro) “Doxy II” is a proper indicator of what’s to come for the entirety of its 15 minute runtime. The tried and true method of dope beats and witty rhymes is in play throughout.

3317” sees Pras implimenting fine worplday: “Try to play above the rim & get flipped” & “Married the game but questioning my affection/I just know, when we together, it’s perfection“. It’s a straight-through 1:46 that’s bar-focused. It actually could’ve served as the introduction, itself.

One track over, “G.H.U Bosses” sees Doxy II’s first and only feature, as Pryzzy sets off the track with a swift 8 (bars). What’s most impressive here is: chemistry! Vocally, they’re peanut butter & jelly, while Pryzzy’s smooth delivery allows Pras to sound even more menacing than the 3 tracks prior.


What y’all call good bars is bad establishments“, Pras spits on ‘Setbacks‘. It’s only the second song on DII to even have a hook attempt, with “O.M.S.A” being the most anthemic of the two. Lastly, “Unconditional” serves as a self-pep rally with reflective elements. It’s easy to imagine Pras Legion expressing these lyrics to himself in an affirmative fashion. Words like “Nobody got me like I got me & that’s word to me” ring off as self-celebratory, yet somber.

The few knocks on Doxy II:

There’s some personality but no personal. Pras delivers Doxy II in a lyrical vacuum, for the most part. We have a setting, yet nothing else by way of storytelling. EP’s serve as a “level 2 demo” so to speak, so highlighting skill is usually the goal. In turn, they may suffer in other areas, as Doxy II does. Also, production may be a little too cohesive. It’s not that you don’t know one track from the next as much as none stands above the others.

Overall, Pras Legion has a solid showing on Doxy II. He shows why he should be taken seriously and how he could hold it down as a niche in his region’s newfound celebrity. We’ll be following this story.


Review. Review for G-HOLY.COM, 2023.