Westside Gunn is back with what may be the last in the HWH series, with Hitler Wears Hermes 8: Sincerely Adolf. A “double disc“, with Side B arriving September 10, 2021.

FlyGod is in rare form lyrically or HWH8. It’s packed with plenty of Stove God Cooks features (which Griselda fans have been asking for). Side A also features GxFR shipmates Conway The Machine, Boldy James, Benny The Butcher & newcomer Rome Streetz. Outside of the camp, we have Lil Wayne, Jadakiss, and Sauce Walka chiming in. Pray For Hiati‘s Mach-Hommy makes a guest appearance on “Margiela Split Toes“.

Familiar names to WSG projects, Denny LAflare, Conductor Williams & Camoflauge Monk handle the entirety of the instrumentals. Core Griselda member, Daringer, is noticeably missing on this 13-track outing.

Some highlights are “Vogue Cover” and “Spoonz“. Some lower-lights are “Peri Peri” and “Westheimer“. The bars are stellar all the way through, as the cohesiveness is kept.

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