Dada P gives the story behind “Roll Up” single


I went to Aruba to shoot the video for “Roll up“.When I got there, [I] found out that part of the island was desert so I went and checked that out. I hired a videography to follow me around the island. We rented ATV’s [and] we drove on the mountain, saw some pretty views and enjoyed the island. The submarine was dope. I was scared, [I] ain’t going to lie but I did it, nevertheless; to get it checked off my list. I loved the cruise on the boat; got footage of it but it wasn’t that good because I was having a good time. I met all kinds of interesting people but everyone was nice. No one treated anyone like there were beneath you. The island was so clean. They didn’t play about trash. I also learned a few words in Dutch. [I had a] dope time shooting “Roll Up” in Aruba.

G-HOLY.COM, 2023.