We caught up and sat down with Scoob Rock for an interview and a peek into his new single, “Faded”. Peep it below:


What city are you from?

Stockholm, Sweden but originally from Commonwealth of Dominica. Not the republic, not the same country.

How did you get Country.

I got into hip hop true breakdancing.

Name your biggest influence…

My influences are but many but Busta Rhymes, Nas [and] Jay-Z.

If you can, put your style in words…

My style is all about originality.

Describe your “Come-Up” so far…

Been doing music for a while and I just love the art in it.

What’s your biggest challenge as an artist?

[The] challenge is to get people listening to your music.

Describe your songmaking process…

If the beat talks to me it just comes out.

What legacy will you leave?

My legacy will be a dude making dope music.

Plug your new single/project…

“Faded”, my latest single feat Curtis Coke.



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