We linked up wit Lil Barrt to chop it up about how he got here and where he’s going. Peep the interview below:

What City Are You From?
Cherokee, North Carolina

How Did You Get Started?
I was 16 years old with one of my friends at the time, just smoking down in his room freestyling. We started recording on Audacity without a mic: just the built in laptop microphone. I just kept going with it because I loved making the music. I fell in love with my own songs.

Name your biggest influence…
Travis Scott or Fetty Wap.

If you can, put your style in words…
“Vibes” Although I would consider myself very versatile in my work. I have all types of “vibes”.

Describe your “Come Up” so far…
Slow, but steady. At times I’ve felt more underground than underground. My music has taken underrated to a whole other level in my opinion.

What’s your biggest challenge as an artist?
I feel at times it’s hard to genuinely tune into what my specific audience wants from me. I had mentioned that I’m versatile with my art, yet I try to stay consistent with the vibes

Describe your song making process…
First we find a beat. It just has to hit the soul, the way that when you hear a new song, you have to replay it all day. It sparks a new flame & it’s like you could’ve never expected to hear something to good. Then I go off the vibes. Find a flow, punch in, run with it, then go back & listen. I may go to another song or come back to that specific song later. I just have to keep the vibes steady in the studio when I’m in my zone.

What legacy will you leave?
I want to be known as the person who genuinely put wnc on the map. I want to pave a way for these other kids that make music in my area. NC is overlooked a lot in my opinion. I’m a real mountain boy and it’s a whole other vibe from what this industry is used to. I want to be remember for being me.

Plug your new single/project…
‘Dream Shopper’ by me, Lil Barrt, is out now on ALL major streaming platforms! Make sure you go tune in, because there’s lots more to come! Thanks for tuning in!

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