We caught up with Dada P, ahead of the release of his new single and asked some questions. Here’s a peak into the mind of Dada P.

What city are you from?

I am from Memphis, Tn.

How did you get started?

I got started rapping with my group called Fatal Family. We made an collection of mixtape together and had a album that we never put out.. Life made us go our separate ways but we still got love for each other.

Name your biggest influencer?

My biggest influence was Tupac at the time when I was with Fatal Family. MJG and 8Ball put me on to a lot of Game. However, Mos def (Yasiin Bey) and Talib Kweli gave me my perspective on writing how I feel and not to be afraid to speak my opinion on a subject matter.

If you can put your style in words?

If I can put my style into words, I will probably say I’m laid back with a smooth flow that can get you motivated and crunk every now and then.

Describe your come up so far?

My come up is no different from everyone else story. I had it hard but so does everyone. I just stayed down till I came up!

Whats your biggest challenge as a artist?

My biggest challenge as a artist is learning the music business. It’s a lot of work. I am still trying to figure out how to get a couple (of) songs to well-known artists. I would love to be a ghostwriter for a couple artists.

Describe your song making process?

I have several ways on how I make my song. If I feel the beat, I could come up with a song off the top of my head just by hearing the beat. I also write a lot of songs to well-known beats and then just put it to original music. For the most part though I just freestyle with no beat until I find a phrase that makes sense and then I make a song.

What legacy do you want to leave?

I really just want to co-exist with my peers and put my mark in Hip-Hop. No matter if it’s rapping or writing a song; coming up with suggestions in producing a beat. I want my name to be in someone’s credits or split sheets.

Plug your new single or project.

My new single is “Kickin Flava” Ft Nine. My guy Q.P made the beat and we just did our due diligence and snapped on. I kind of wanted to pay my respects to Craig Mack, so I just reinvent my way of his version of brand new flavor in your ear. It’s a dope single. I hope everyone like my spin on the track.



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