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The Art Of Storytelling: Then & Now

A bit on the story of storytelling in Hip-Hop, then & now featuring Tribe, Kendrick Lamar & Outkast…

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THE DIFFERENCE: Between Beat Making & Producing

Beatmaking ang Producing are two different world’s.

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Wu-Tang to Odd Future: The Hip-Hop Collective

Groups continue to make an impact in Hip -Hop, over time…

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The Evolution of the Album Experience

Over the years, “album experience” has changed and evolved…

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Weekend Music 4-21: WSG, Gibbs, Benny & Ransom

Weekend Music for the 99 n the 2000…I mean 4-2-21

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Armand Hammer & The Alchemist, Haram: 1st Listen

Armand Hammer and The Alchemist, Haram, 1st Listen

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New College Course Explores Rapsody’s ‘Eve’

Rapsody’s Eve album has inspired a course at an HBCU…

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Nipsey Hussle Est. Settles W/ Crips LLC for TMC

Nipsey Hussle’s Brother & Estate Gets A BIG Win…

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Common’s Like Water For Chocolate: 21 Yrs Later

Common’s LWFC gets revisited 21 yrs later…

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HipHopMadness Exposes ‘Payola’ In Hip-Hop

Pay to play is in full effect in Hip-Hop…