Italian Hip-Hop Producer, RE4L Plans Hit U.S.

We checked in with a brand new producer planning to make waves. RE4L takes us through his production process, aspirations and inspirations.


What city are you from?
I was born in Romania but since I was 4 I have been living in Italy in a town called Vigevano.

How did you get started?
I’ve always listened to rap since I was a kid. I’ve always been fascinated by this raw and violent world that was described in rap songs. In 2019, I decided to download [production program] FL Studio for fun and produce my first songs. I have never stopped since then.

Name your biggest influence…
I’ve always loved Scott Stortch. His [style] was a unique and inimitable style. Currently, I think [producer] Southside is the strongest beatmaker and I admire him a lot.

If you can, put your style in words…
Fast and aggressive.

Describe your “Come-Up” so far…
My goal is to get overseas to the U.S. and collaborate with my biggest inspirations.

What’s your biggest challenge as an artist?
Keep up with the times and reinvent yourself every day.

Describe your songmaking process…
When I produce I always start from an idea I had during the day. I sample everything and I think it’s the best method to create something unique.

What legacy will you leave?
I hope to leave an imprint of my style in producing songs to the next generations.

Plug your new single/project…


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