SlimeyDarro ‘S.T.I.M.’ Album Review


On the surface, SlimeyDarro can seem he’s molded in semi-new-age generic template. While this still may be true on the surface, SlimeyDarro is much more. Let’s dive into S.T.I.M., his new album.

S.T.I.M. is a 13-track ride over slow, dreary and minimalistic production. Even still, the mix engineer felt the need to layer SlimeyDarro’s vocals well above its instrumental counterparts. What does this tell us? Our vocalist has something to say.

Esoteric themes such as midguard and the matrix (of which the cover references the movie of the same title). Even the song titles, “Vahalla“, “9 Realms“, “Stuck In The Matrix” let you know the Chicago-native is deeper than rap.

On “One Hand Seals“, he emphatically preaches that his 3rd eye and chakras are real, while claiming to have the ability to pull off an actual one hand seal. On the very next track, “Final Form“, he spits “I’mma grow me horns/Final form, b*tch watch me transform“. So, you can see how he’s on it.

That’s not the gist of SlimeyDarro, just his latest upgrade. At the core, he’s a player and is as dark as the soundscape he chooses to flow over. The intro, “Danny Glover” tells a visual-inducing story based in the trenches, equipped with all the fixings: “In high school, I had carried that toaster/In high school put that boy on a poster/On the block, it was too many soldiers/I was out wit them demons who fold ya” he raps on the 2:13 second track.

SlimeyDarro’s superpower is his ability to be humorous with no change in delivery. He’s that one friend that says all of his jokes with a straight face. If he’s not who he says he is then he is method acting! He’s deep into character.

Some of his peak hysterical bars are: “Fat *ss, I’m using my thumbs“, “If you gon’ try me, your family need GEICO, “I remember him f*cking on my ex/Dumb b*tch didn’t use a latex/Goofy lil’ b*tch couldn’t even climax“. Priceless.

Melody. Melody. Melody.

Everything on S.T.I.M. is a melody. There’s no traditional rapping, though it’s littered with “bars”. Cohesiveness works against the Atlanta resident as a full project. Sometimes it’s hard to tell where you are in tracklist. If this album reaches a wide-audience, SlimeyDarro will have the same musical trials DaBaby had to overcome. The whole “every song sounds the same”.

Overall, if you like vibe-y, spacey production with hilarious, colorful wordplay given in melodic form 100% of the time, S.T.I.M. is for you. If you love the post Soundcloud-era soundcloud sound, SlimeyDarro is your guy, for sure.

Highlights: “Danny Glover”, “Stuck In The Matrix”, “Sticky Situation (Yellow 6)”.


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