Luke LaShea ‘Reckless Abandon’ EP Review


East Harlem born, Los Angeles raised Luke LaShea just dropped his new EP, Reckless Abandon. How’s it sounding? Let’s check it out:

Women. That’s it, women.

The most endlessly exhausting energy exchange on this planet is between men and women. Not only could Luke LaShea have written an EP, but a library of books on this topic.

Instead, it’s a little more focused. Where, you ask? Specifically from the perspective of a man in a relationship with a toxic woman, which is TOTALLY different than being in a “toxic relationship”. Read that again, if you have to.

Since, on the outro “Last Goodbye“, Luke does just that, we’ll walk our way backwards. On the aforementioned track, he doesn’t go silently; accusing our mystery woman of being a “psychotic sociopath”. Honestly, after 5 tracks of Luke’s character in misery, it’s a great relief to see our hero able to walk away. It’s the most satisfying ending since Pursuit of Happyness, starring Will Smith.


Reckless Abandon plays so much like a short film, it’s hard to even judge the music.

On “No Room“, Luke has his big realization that his life has not a space for Ms. Misery Mystery in an otherwise presumably non-toxic existence. With a smooth chorus and witty lyrics like “you don’t know jack and you don’t know Luke“, I think she gets the picture.

Midpoint, we see “Set Me Free” act equally as a cry for help as an exclamation. This is where Luke LaShea is trying to make himself believe he can do what he knows he needs to. Sonically, it’s the most chaotic song on Reckless Abandon, fittingly.


Commotion“, the prior track, is the point where he’s actually telling MW to be reflective. As he belts “Why you turning nothing into something?“, you may realize this question is not strictly rhetorical. At this place in the timeline, there was hope. If she could have heeded his wise words, this may have been a 2 song EP (if there’s such a thing).

Finally (and foremost), the intro “Recognize” is the inception to Reckless Abandon’s concept. He’s aggressively letting MW know he’s fed up. He’s losing himself and his emotional immune system is about to attack its foreign host. He starts verse one, “Same bullsh*t everyday of the week/ You make me wanna slam my head on the concrete“. Plus, no one deserves a woman whose perfume smells like “Raid bug spray”. Not only is the rolling bass beat a perfect soundbed for this introduction track but the OutkastMs. Jackson” sample is a nice touch.

Some may say this is a masterclass on a theme and emotional presence in music. Others may not see it that way. Unfortunately, sometimes personal experiences jade the way one hears music, positive or negative.

Overall, if not an enjoyable listen, Reckless Abandon is a memorable play. Keep it indexed. You may need it one day. Especially since Drake is currently going through some changes.


G-HOLY.COM, 2023.