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Originally from the backwoods of Idaho, Peyton Tenison found a passion for writing at a young age. After moving to Los Angeles in his youth, he enrolled at Pepperdine University and took on the world of academic authorship. He has received various awards for his work at the collegiate-level and continues to foster his skills as a writer today. At G-HOLY, Peyton intertwines his love for writing and all things hip-hop to deliver quality content to the masses.
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Brockhampton’s Final Album: Core Fan Wishlist

Brockhampton will serve its final album, and we want…

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PLAYLIST: Peyton’s “Summer Cookout Vibes”

The Grill is lit, the honey’s are out, the music is… Peyton had the aux…

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3 Superstar Singers With Proven Rap Potential

For a while now, singers have shown rap potential once in a blue…

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5 Tips to Step Up Your Production Game ASAP!

Producing on the next level requires the golden keys. Let’s Go!

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Celebrating Underrated Posse Cuts!!!

Posse cuts are an integral part of the rap music pantheon…

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The Gentrification of “Chopped & Screwed”

Chopped and Screwed Is Being Manipulated SMH…

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3 Hip-Hop Producers Turned Film Composers

3 Hip-Hop producers who landed in films…

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TDE’s Isaiah Rashad’s Return IS SERIOUS!!!

Isaiah Rashad has risen from the TDE ashes with new cuts…

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The Power Of The Interlude (Rap Albums)

Hip-Hop uses interludes like no other genre. Let’s see…

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Alchemist Stays Busy W/ “This Thing Of Ours”

Alchemist Stays consistent with his new drop…