Cincinnati-born artist, Comatose Red Ivy, is shedding light on addiction with the new single, “Clean Date“. Quite the interesting personality: Let’s glance inside the mind of a the artist:

Your new single is about beating addiction. Have you personally overcome addiction, and what kind?

Yes, addiction to meth and well, love too.

Congrats! Where are you from?

I’m a Southern Fried Yankee, born up North in Cincinnati and raised all along the Panhandle down in Florida, from Panama to New Orleans.

Where do you get a name like Comatose Red Ivy?

My artist name comes from death. as I was poisoned on October 16 2020 and woke up two days later to a ghost that taught me how to rap. He’d make me karaoke all night and even showed me what equipment to buy too.

Interesting… Who’s your biggest influence?

My biggest influence is definitely Mac Miller, mainly because of his writing ability with double entendre and dude was straight word smith.

Yeah, we love Mac. What’s your songwriting process like?

My songmaking process is fairly straight forward. Mostly I try to write all [of] my songs [now]. I used to freestyle them all but I go harder when I write them; I go harder bar for bar writing [when] I have a project in mind. [I] find the sound I want and then I write the tracks to the beat and practice a few takes, or few hundred and then I go with it. My writing is the most disciplined part about my music. I could use a mentor, or some guidance from a professional for sure, I’d blow for sure then.

So, describe your come-up so far…

My “come up” so far has been great. [I’ve] traveled [the] country already, met some dope dope producers [and] have artists and labels in my inbox. [It’s] just general talk but at least they see me! My biggest challenge as an artist so far has been the back push from my family not accepting my career change from Network Administrator to Rapper.

Can you see yourself fully transferring from Network Admin to full-time rap artist in the next 365 days? If not, what’s your timeline?

Already did: I go around doing impromptu shows in different cities across the country.

How are they?

Same as recording. [I] put in 300%, got 100% out.

When it’s all said and done, what will people remember about Comatose Red Ivy?

My legacy is already instilled, just Google me. . . Comatose Red Ivy [laughs]; but for real, I want to leave Earth being remembered as captivating and a storyteller that helped saved lives by sharing my hardships through my music enabling others to avoid same situations.

Great intention… Plug your new song…

New single is a track about beating addiction and finally letting sobriety come in for the win. The track is also my new sound. I only have 5 tracks that go this hard but expect all my music to be coming through this hard and even harder. . . I have found my sound.

Listen To Comatose Red Ivy “Clean Date”:



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