Is DMT Building Reality?

Recently, DMT researcher Jon Dean and DMT Quest founder, John Chaves joined the Aubrey Marcus Podcast. They chopped it up about a multitude of things: One of those is a new study concluding that DMT is produced endogenously in mammalian brains, in places other than the pineal gland. In rats, DMT was found locally, in the visual cortex. Humans brain slices were studied and it was discovered that the enzymes found were also capable of producing DMT.

These findings have bigger implications. Jon Dean believes that DMT may play a role in building our “reality“, as we know it.

Is DMT a hallucinogen, or part of the software in a simulated reality?

They also did a “deep dive” into brain wave states, psychedelic substances effect on things like “phantom limb pain”, and how far visualization techniques can go. Later, Jon Dean mentioned the idea of imaging DMT in the brain, which John and Aubrey championed.

Great episode, great guests and plenty to think about. What’s your conclusion? Do you believe DMT is building our reality, or at least aiding?


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