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JK D Animator has been making waves with his animated content, often based around Hip-Hop. Through a filmmaker lens, you can see the genius in the writing, direction and production. Even having the potential to move to long-form (I can see a 30 minute show on Cartoon Network).

Meet JK D Animator

1. Often times when we come across creators on the internet these days, they are self-taught. Is that the story on your case?
I studied 3D animation at a university, so I had good background knowledge but i learned all of the 2D animation I use off the Internet.
2. Where exactly are you from in the UK, and what is the Hip-Hop scene like over there?
I’m from East London. Growing up, Hip-Hop was big but in the last 10 years the UK grime scene has really taken over.
3. Are you a personal fan of all of the artists you animate? And is it fair to call you a “Hip-Hop Animator”?
I’m a bit of an old head, so all except Lil Baby [laughs]. I hadn’t heard of him before that skit and haven’t listened to him much since. I am an animator of all things funny… including Hip-Hop but if people want to call me that, I don’t mind.
4. Do you do everything, top to bottom, or do you have a team working with you creatively or in business?
I sometimes collaborate with other comedians for the sound but I do all of the animation myself. However, I am currently in the process of putting a team together.
5. A lot of creators would like to go “viral”, you’ve achieved this multiple times. What is your recipe for virality?
Do a funny skit about Drake! Nah, for real though, anything could go viral. There’s always a luck element but if you keep putting out good content and perservere, your time will come. Most people dont know that I was putting content out for over a year before anything blew up. (Putting Drake in title does seem to help though [laughs])
6. I’m a huge South Park fan, and your animation style reminds me of the show. Are you in any way inspired by South Park?
Yeah, I’m a huge fan. My channel is basically South Park for black folks [or at least that’s how I like to describe it to people].
7. Who is the guy who plays the engineer in the studio? Is that an animated version of you?
It’s Crank Lucas. He started out as just another character in the skits but the audience loves him so now he’s a regular part of the show [Yes, he does know about the show].
8. Do you think that you will ever step from behind the screen and become a public figure?
It’s possible, but not part of the plan right now. I like that my art is out there to be appreciated but im not trying to be famous, just comfortable.
9. What opportunities have come your way since you’ve achieved some success on your own? Any companies reach out to you?
Yeah, the game changes when you reach 100k on YouTube. Quite a few organisations have reached out but I’m still looking for an agent/manager, if anyone reading this needs a new client.
10. Do you have a personal favorite animated clip that you’ve done?
Normally, the newest skit is my new favourite but my all-time funniest skit was probably the ‘Wednesday’ one, or rapping at the heaven talent show.
11. Who are some other creators in the Hip-Hop space that we should look out for?
There’s a dude called scionrae, killin it right now. I would definitely keep an eye out for him.
12. What’s next for you? What should we look out for?
This is only the tip of the iceberg. I’m in the process of cooking up content with some amazing artists so there’s lots of stuff still to come.
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G-HOLY, 2021.