Ahead of 2018’s ‘Scorpion’, we got the Drake two pack known as Scary Hours’ featuring the now MASSIVE hit “God’s Plan”, and “Diplomatic Immunity”. The latter possibly being the best lyrical output of that year. After many delays, including a botched first single “Toosie Slide” that would end up rolling out a “lost tracks” album, ‘Dark Lane Demos. An O’Dell Beckham hiccup, many predictions, and DJ Akademiks updates, we have what we’ve ALL been waiting for… Certified Lover BoyScary Hours 2‘? Announced 24 hours prior to its release, it seems to serve as another filler so that Drizzy can continue icing his knees in Toronto, BUT given the last Scary Hours, there should be something here to take away. So…still exciting. Let’s break down and summize Drake’s Scary Hours 2:

1. What’s Next (produced by Supah Mario, Maneesh)

This is exactly what I thought it would sound like. Drake is a very seemingly transparent artist, who loves almost over-detailing his experiences. Also, the “somber record” Drake is on life-support, sonically. 6-God does his “get out of my business” rhymes over turnt up beats, almost exclusively, today. In Jay Z’s In My Lifetime Vol. 1 “Medley: Intro” fashion, he speaks on the questions people have about him daily, replying “Well summer, all I did was rest, okay?/ And New Year’s, all I did was stretch, okay?/ And Valentine’s Day, I had sex, okay?/ We’ll see what’s ’bout to happen next okay?/ Okay? Okay?/“.


Funny how life goes/ He thought he was sick, now we wipin’ his nose, ok/ Soon as you give ’em ya soul, you blow up and that say you sellin’ ya soul, ok/

2. Wants and Needs featuring Lil Baby (produced by Noah “40” Shebib, Cardo, Dez Wright)

Lil Baby and Drake are still in sync. Future could’ve easily featured here, but let’s be honest, Drake’s features always seem to “make sense” on paper for the “times”. There is a HYFR-like beginning to Drake’s verse where he does his Big Sean off-kilter flow impression before the beat drops. You’ll also find a Kanye West mention: “I probably should go link with Yeezy, I need me some Jesus/ But soon as I started confessing my sins, he wouldn’t believe ’em“. Baby does Baby. Not the best, not the worst we’ve seen him. The hook is childish with a bunch of baby-bars. No pun. “I’m in love with two girls at one time, and they 10’s/ That’s why I got 10’s on my mind” is CRINGY.


Come with a classic, they come around years later and say it’s a sleeper

3. Lemon Pepper Freestyle featuring Rick Ross (produced by AP, boi-1da)

Can we talk about the title, for a second? It’s hilarious! Nobody ever speaks on Drake’s troll level, but since the release of the “Hotline Bling” music video, Drake has constantly made himself a meme, purposely. That title is a troll, and the way he mentions names here is “Game-Esque”. He knew we would talk about it. Just like the Ye’ mention. The small details here for hype will probably go unnoticed if you don’t have the eye for it. Now, the song: EASILY the best song here. This is the Drake, Drake we fell in love with. Pause. This is definitely a candidate for verse of the year, early. Why does Ross keep letting Drake do this to him? He calls Rozay for a 16, then proceeds to spit an 86-bar verse. Rozay has bars, I.E “Mafia Music“, “Devil In A New Dress” etc. He HAS to be calling Ross and saying limit your bars so I can body you…Yeah, this is what I turned this tape on for. Thanks, Champagne.

QUOTEABLE: TOO MANY. Go listen below.


This EP does nothing to add or take away the hype for “Certified Lover Boy”. I can’t even call it a “holdover”. It’s just a…blah. A 3-track “whatever”. No particular direction or sound. Not even the clear single, as hypothesized at the top of the article, but 3 new Drake songs is better than 26 new whoever-the-f*ck-else songs. Word. The last time he was in this space of “what else is there for me to do?”, we got ‘Views’. He’s already hinted at this album being experimental, or out of the box, so I think I know where this is going. Who knows? We’ll see. Mr. Graham is probably cramming songs from three separate albums at this point.

The music video for “What’s Next” is Trending #1 on YouTube as well type. Peep it below:

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