In celebration of Black History month, NPR has released a slate of brand new tiny desk concerts by prominent black artists. While the first two weeks of the month were dedicated to jazz and r&b artists, this week’s theme is hip hop, with new sets from Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, and newcomer on the California hip-hop scene, Rae Khalil, having already dropped or coming up on NPR’s youtube channel.

Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, performances in NPR’s iconic tiny desk studio were not able to happen, so for the time being tiny desk concerts are taking place in artist’s homes and their personal studios. 

Although the tiny desk concerts from home don’t have the same energy and excitement that has become so synonymous with NPR’s performance space at their D.C. office, it is still very refreshing to hear these artists in a new, stripped-down setting. 

Ricky Rozay and ‘Tity 2 Chainz’ deliver smooth sets full of their respective hits, with fantastic bands guiding them through the music. With Rae Khalil’s performance set to drop later today, fans are eagerly awaiting to see what she has in store.

NPR wraps up their black history month celebration next week with a “wildcard week,” which will feature artists such as Kirk Franklin and Sampa the Great


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