Onyx has come through with a politically charged new single titled Coming Outside. Along with the single is an accompanying music video directed by Vicente Cordero of Industrialism Films. The video features members Fredro Starr and Sticky Fingaz broadcasting a militant message to the masses–a message that results in them facing off against a police force. The atmosphere of the video is filled with agitation and aggression–qualities that have become synonymous with Onyx’s brand of hardcore hip-hop.

Onyx is primarily known for their 1993 hit single “Slam” off of their platinum debut album Bacdafucup. The group has been credited for introducing slam dancing and mosh pitting into the hip-hop scene. Their raw and unfiltered style of music lends itself well to the moshing that is so prominent in the world of punk and metal music. The members of the group include Fredro Starr, Sticky Fingaz, Sonny Seeza, and the late Big DS. Sticky’s younger brother, the late X1, was a loose affiliate. Now, only Fredro and Sticky Fingaz make up the once four man collective. Fredro starts off “Coming Outside” with some in your face bars:

Nigga you hand gun I’m submachine attack on land in water we got submarines/Camouflage fatigue we got you surrounded your set under siege”. Sticky Fingaz follows this up with some heat of his own: “You better forfeit or you two gon be inside one/Big mother fucking hole I give the word and it’s done”.

“Coming Outside” is the first single off of their upcoming album Onyx 4 Life–releasing through Cleopatra Records on April 9th. This album release will mark the group’s first release since their 2020 effort Lost Treasures. Onyx has stayed quite active over the last few years and it looks as though they intend to continue that hot streak with Onyx 4 Life.


Check out the music video for Onyx’s “Coming Outside” in the YouTube link below:

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