Problem has connected with Wiz Khalifa to drop the cannabis themed track “4 The Low” with an accompanying music video. The Mike Marasco directed music video sees Wiz and Problem lounging around a living room smoking and riding around the L.A. streets on bikes. Regarding the purpose for the track’s visuals, Problem stated that, “[The] video was designed to shine a light on minority-owned cannabis companies”. This intention can be clearly felt as there is a stock market report in the background of the video showing the stocks for Wiz’s “Khalifa Kush” surging. 

Further expanding on the intentions behind the track and the video, Problem had this to say. “We have been imprisoned and shunned for the use and distribution of marijuana. It’s a slap in the face to watch these big brands come in and profit with the new legalization while our people are still locked up. It must change. With Wiz being a God in the cannabis world, I appreciate him taking this opportunity to show love to others in the space”. This sentiment is further expressed by Problem on his opening verse: “Black market on the East side thеy boxed up and got rich/For that same thing they doin’ now homiеs locked up and I’m pissed/In a whoop wham still boxed up while them white folks get rich”. Wiz also comes through and delivers a wavy chorus for this cannabis anthem: “Now I be like/For the low/Pounds for the low/We got, pounds for the low”.

“4 The Low” is the first release of the new year for both artists. Problem’s and Wiz’s last efforts date back to 2020–being Coffee & Kush, Vol. 2 and The Saga of Wiz Khalifa respectively. With the release of this record being so early in the year, expect more music in the coming months from these two artists.


Check out the music video for “4 The Low” in the YouTube link below:

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